Land Rover Axles Transfer Case Gears Differentials

Land Rover Discovery I Transfer Case 1994-1999
Remanufactured Land Rover Discovery I LT230 transfer case with center diff lock
Regular price: $749.95
Sale price: $699.95
Underdrive linkage
This shifter is the high/low lever from a Disco II but is fitted with the shorter Disco II diff lock cable which makes a perfect set up to operate our underdrive, it also comes with a small bracket to attach to the Underdrive selector lever.
LT230 26 tooth input gear
26 tooth input gear needed to run the underdrive.
1.222 Gear Ratio LT 230 Hi Range
LT 230 1.222 High Range Gear Ratio.
1.410 Gear Ratio LT 230 Hi Range
Ratio upgrade, this will allow you to lower your hi range gear ratio and maintain your 3.321 low range. If you have installed larger tires and want to regain that lost power.
Regular price: $699.95
Sale price: $679.95
1.667 Gear Ratio LT 230 Hi Range
Ratio upgrade, this will allow you to lower your hi range gear ratio and maintain your 3.321 low range. If you have installed larger tires and want to regain that lost power
Regular price: $699.95
Sale price: $679.95
LT 230 low range reductiion gear 4.3:1
LT 230 Transfer case low range gears 30% reduction or 4.3:1 $100 Core chare is added at check out for retun of the stock 3.32:1 gears. UPS return shipper label is provided.
LT 230 Low range reduction 5:1
LT 230 Transfer case low range gears 50% reduction or 5:1 $100 Core chare is added at check out for retun of the stock 3.32:1 gears. UPS return shipper label is provided.
Land Rover Discovery II Transfer Case with Center Diff Lock 1999 - 2002 & 2003 - 2004
Remanufactured Land Rover Discovery II LT230 transfer case with center diff lock.
Land Rover Defender 90 110 transfer case LT230 remanufactured with center locking diff. All Defenders
Range Rover Classic pre 1991 transfer case LT230 resealed and center locking diff.
Regular price: $749.95
Sale price: $699.95
1.410 Discovery Series I & II Defender 90 & 110 Transfer Case
Discovery Series II Transfer Case set up with 1.410 high range gears and CDL.
1.667 Discovery Series I & II Defender 90 & 110 Transfer Case
Discovery Series II Transfer Case set up with 1.667 high range gears and CDL.
LT 230 Trasfer Case Housing
LT 230 Transfer Case Housing.
Regular price: $149.95
Sale price: $59.95
LT230 Inspection cover
Ship us your leaky LT 230 transfer case and we will break it down and install all new gaskets and seals. Transfer cases weigh about 100lbs. and can be shipped UPS ground for under a 100 bucks.
Land Rover Discovery LT 230 Diff Lock Shifter
Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Classic Diff Lock shifter and linkages. Trying to upgrade your 2000-2003 Discovery to center diff lock, this is the shifter you will need. Swaped in an LT230 in your Range Rover classic you will need this shifter to complete the swap.
Regular price: $219.95
Sale price: $199.95
LT 230 Part Time 2wd  fulltime 4wd adapter
Want to convert your LT230 from an AWD and just send power to the rear wheels. This adapter will allow you to shift from 2wd rear wheel drive to fulltime 4wd doing away with the AWD option. Shift option will be High or Low 2wd power to the rear wheels. Lock the diff and you have fulltime 4wd High or Low power sent to the front and rear axles.
Land Rover LT230 CDL center differential replacement complete as pictured. .
 LT 230 transfer case complete gasket and seal kit
Complete gasket and seal kit for all LT 230 transfer cases.
Discovery Series II Transfer Case CDL Kit
Convert your non locking Discovery II transfer case to a locking differential with this kit. The kit is a complete bolt in kit, can be installed without removing the transfer case from the vehicle. This kit comes with a $75.00 core charge. You will recieve a return shipper label to return your exsisting non CDL unit.
Regular price: $399.95
Sale price: $379.95
Land Rover Front or Rear 24 Spline Differential
Land Rover Front or Rear 24 Spline Differential reman new bearings and seals.
24 Spline Land Rover Axles
Land Rover 24 Spline Axle shafts.
Regular price: $149.95
Sale price: $129.95
Land Rover 24 Spline ARB Air Locker  RD128
Free installation on Land Rover ARB Air Lockers, that is correct, send us your 3rd member and we will set it up for free. Air locker locking differentials allow you to tackle the toughest terrain. The world's premier traction aid, ARB air lockers keep you moving in all conditions. A complete air locker kit: replacement differential, activation switch, solenoid valve, air line and bulkhead fittings.
Detroit Locker Land Rover 24 spline
Detroit Locker 24-Spline Axles Fits 3.54 Gear Ratio
Regular price: $649.95
Sale price: $579.95
Detroit Truetrac Land Rover 24 spline
Land Rover Truetrac Differential 24-Spline Axles Fits 3.54 Gear Ratio
Regular price: $549.95
Sale price: $519.95
Land Rover Discovery Series I Headers
LT 230 Transfer Case Under Drive
For those that are not familiar with the unit, this is an additional reduction unit fitted to the LT 230, which bolts onto the Power Take Off (PTO) flange.By installing the Underdrive we have created a four range transfer case, in addition to the stock high /low we have an intermediate range and a super low range. Typically the ratios could be 1.2/1.4 high, 2.69 intermediate, 3.32 stock low, 8.93 super low. The intermediate range is a useful gear split between stock high and stock low

High and Low ratio will remain unchanged but when selected the underdrive will give an additional 2.69 reduction, this makes a low, low ratio of 8.93 (3.321 x 2.69). This gives the best of both worlds, high stays the same for road use, you have stock low for running about between sections and you have underdrive low for crawling over obstacles or winching.

The unit will only be supplied in the 26 tooth, suffix C onwards input gear format, if you have a 28 or 38 tooth input gear fitted you will also need to change the intermediate and the high range output gear at an additional cost of $300. To find out if you currently have a 26/28/38 tooth input gear please refer to our fitting instructions. The LT 230 was fitted to all 5 speed Defenders, all Discos and the RR Classic upto 1988. The serial number will be stamped in one of 2 possible places, either on the bottom left of the main casing or on the earlier vehicles right at the bottom of the left hand side face of the main casing obscured by the exhaust pipe in which case you will need a knife (to scrape the muck off) and a mirror. You are looking for Eg. "28D123456E, we are interested in the first two and the last, i.e. we call this a "28E". The serial numbers of the transfer cases that have the 26 tooth input gear and will accept the underdrive without further modifications are:

Prefix Suffix

20D C, D, E, F, G 22D C, D, E, F, G 28D C, D, up to 308626E 32D up to 309416D 34D C, D, E, F 43D G, H 47D G 57D G, H

Add $ 300 for the additional gears if you have a transfer case with the serial number:

Prefix Suffix

28D from 309143E, F 32D from 309417E 36D G 40D G 41D G 42D G 59D G 61D G 62D G 68D G 69D G 70D G 71D G

Always check main shaft wear on installation

In addition to the main unit you should receive :

6 x 10mm studs, nuts and washers 1 x stone guard 1 x LT230 input gear "bearing cone" 1x PTO gasket

Split the underdrive, (note the main support plate to underdrive body has a gasket fitted be careful not to damage it) by removing the outer ring of 9 bolts remove the rear support plate and gearset. Note two holes are fitted with a short set screw, these are "jacking points" use two 45 mm long set screws, if necessary, to split the joint. Put the rear plate and gear set on one side for now.

You now have the output shaft and gear and the main casing to work with. Remove the PTO cover and bearing support plate from the LT230 and clean the joint face. Check the condition of the main shaft spline, a worn spline will cause premature wear on the UD input shaft. Fit the 10mm studs, used in place of the bolts. Remove the handbrake drum. Replace the inner input gear bearing cone using the new one supplied.

The first step is to check the preload on the underdrive output shaft; it must be the same as the original LT230 input gear. Put the main box and transfer box in neutral and offer the shaft into the transfer case.

Offer the underdrive main case to the transfer case, using the gasket supplied, and after fitting the washers and nuts tighten down evenly. Occasionally rotate the shaft, which can be gripped via the open end of the underdrive main case, to settle the bearings. If the shaft locks up stop tightening!!. With the main gearbox and transfer box still in neutral rotate the underdrive output shaft, and check for end float and or excess pre load, the preload was set on a test box with a gasket fitted but may vary from box to box. If it is necessary to reset the preload change the shim behind the bearing cone. It was preset with gasket fitted and 2.5mm shim FTC 748 (thinner shim is FTC 746, thicker is FTC 750)

Reassemble the rear support plate and gear set to the main housing, using the gasket supplied plugging the ?jacking? holes with the short (25mm long) set screws.

With the main assembly in place but before re-fitting the handbrake drum it is advisable to grind/machine two flats, at 180deg, on the ridge at the front of the brake drum. (the second flat is to balance the drum). This will allow removal and refitting of the handbrake drum without disturbing the underdrive. Do not forget to fit the stone guard, essential to prevent small rocks falling into the natural trap between the drum and main casing.

The selector is not supplied, we can advise you need a movement of 27mm of the selector rod from one range to the other. Many people use the high/low lever from a classic Range Rover ?Borg Warner? transfer case, attaching the lever to the seat box front.

Fill the underdrive adding the "Lubeguard" and top up with same oil as the LT230 via the filler level plug. There is a small ?well? on the top lip of the main case where it enters the LT230, this catches oil from the LT230 and feeds it into the underdrive. be very careful not to block the feed with sealant. Oil will find its way out via the splined main shaft keeping the splines lubricated, or the max oil level hole. Once filled the underdrive will keep its own level, approx half full, feeding from the LT230. Check the level after approx 100km to be sure the oil feed is working correctly.

When shifting ranges allow the vehicle to roll, slowly, to enable the drive dogs to engage, do not use excessive force on the lever to engage the gears.